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    Sunrise was established in Taiwan in 1990.At first, it was called “Dong Chen Industrial Co., Ltd. ” , which concentrate in production of  pneumatic components, it developing into the most famous brand of pneumatic components industry in Taiwan. At the meantime, we enter to China market and applied for trademark in 1991. “DongChen Pneumatic Component Co.,Ltd “located in QuanZhou, FuJian in 1994,specializing in producing pneumatic components.
    At the same year Sunrise trademark approved by the State Administration for Industry and Trademark Office. Trademark Registration No. 848636.
    Due to the market developing in 1999 ,we moved from FuJian province to relocation in ZhongShan City GuangDong Province .Set up in ZhongShan” DongChen pneumatic Components Co., Ltd. ”, We invested 5 million US dollars to set up the factory and the factory covers an area of 100 acres.
    In 2008, Due to changes the company structure, we set up ZhongShan NewSun Pneumatic Components Co., Ltd. in ShanXiang ,ZhongShan city,and was renamed in 2012 for the Guangdong New Sun Pneumatic Components Limited.

    From a small factory to marketing universal, factory covers an area of 100 acres of New Sun pneumatic components Limited.Every step of the way , our success is by no mean fortuitous .This comes from our efforts to meet customers needs, efficiently production processes and uncompromising insistence on quality. ISO9001: 2000 recognition and establishment of ERP is the best witness of our excellence performance.

    Pneumatic products include (PU.PE.NY.PVC) series, gardening products, quick coupler series, quick joints (Europe. United States. Japanese) series, brass fittings, stainless fittings series, tire check series, air duster, pneumatic components and solenoid / control valve series, air control unit, Pneumatic cylinder and so on. Covering about five thousand of commodities .Continuing vertical integration and developing of new products is the target of research team of New Sun. It is also a commitment to customers of New Sun. In addition, to manufacture the standard products, we also offer flexible production processes to meet the customer‘s demands.
    New Sun is not only efforts to developing OEM/ODM customers, but also actively developing own brand of high-margin product lines. Sunrise AirKing and TOSAKA are internationally renowned brand of pneumatic components. Own brand is also continue to enhance the quantity about fifty percent of the shipments. Especially in China market, Sunrise is the most famous brand in pneumatic industry. Sun-Rise 、AirKing, and TOSAKA were also occupy the percentage of global market. They are the best choice of Western and Japanese high-quality pneumatic brand of OEM / ODM .

    Looking ahead, the successful experiences of New Sun Pneumatic Components Co., Ltd. we will continue to improve the customer satisfaction and has gradually increase the proportion of own-brand production and overall market share. While we are already the world's leading pneumatic components factory, New Sun team has never been complacency in today's production scale. Instead we take more cautious and strict attitude to continuously improve customer satisfaction as the highest index. Customer satisfaction is our best guarantee. And quality is our eternal persist.

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